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We at Theodore provide firms with guidance on how to transform digitally in order to realise their goal. We design sound digital solutions and offer top-notch quality assurance & testing procedures to deliver high-performing IT services in the governance & service management area.

3 good reasons to choose US
Close to you
We deliver
Applied Innovation

Building lasting relationships with our clients from a variety of industries, such as technology, banking and finance, consumer products, the public sector, and education, we do all of this with an eye towards the future.


Applied innovative solution

Implemented scenario oriented solutions to achieve best outcomes


Strategic partnerships

We are evolving as Industry wise strategic partner with Strong Knowledge


We are committed to delivering client satisfaction through building close relationships based on trust.

When it comes to an organization's expansion, technology is crucial. New business models must be developed as a result of digitalization, which also improves organizational performance.

Customer-centered with a dedication to honesty, respect, and integrity
Clarity of vision, originality, and technological leadership.
An economical, pragmatic, and practical approach to solving business challenges.
Supply of high-quality goods and services is unusual.

Our clients come first

Our customers receive excellent care from us. We have fostered these ties as a trusted counsel.

You will always have access to the appropriate person at the appropriate time thanks to a dedicated account manager. A manager of the engagement is in charge of overseeing how well our teams are carrying out the mission that has been given to us.

There is a specific ecology that supports each of our missions. An Account Manager, Engagement Manager, and People Manager support the consultants. The assistance we give our consultants and the ongoing monitoring of our projects inspire our team and guarantee quality for our clients.


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